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Roy Fielding has been helping newcomers to the online marketing industry since 2001. He has also helped numerous advanced marketers as well. If it's online marketing, affiliate marketing, product creation, WordPress setup and list building that you want to learn, this is the best and most affordable place to learn it from..

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  Mentoring for Marketers Video Training site is for:

  • Folks that want to make money from home..
  • Folks that do not want to get paid by the hour..
  • Folks that have tried online but have failed..
  • Folks that want freedom from a J.O.B...
    Tired of working for a boss (Just Over Broke)
  • Folks that enjoy working in their home..
  • Folks that want to create their online empire..
  • Folks that want to sell digital 100% profits..
  • Folks that are overwhelmed with overload..
  • Folks that want to see money in PayPal..
  • And Folks that are sick of all the hype...

If this sounds like you, then I am ready to show you the simple
steps to online success in the next few days...

Take the next step to finally change your future with my helpful
and easy to follow 3 step plan I have setup for you..

Anwesh Rath started from zero. And back in the day, he needed some help with graphics
as he explains, and of course being the humble guy I am, I gave him a hand for his 1st
project when he had no one else. He is now a six-figure earner online.

Jeffery Baxter is a well known Internet marketing coach and trainer I met through Skype many
years ago. A great honest marketer, and now a six figure teacher and mentor.
Thanks Jeffery for your honest opinion..

I'll see you inside,


Lesson 1:

Welcome To The Beginners Section


Lesson 2:

How to Copy and Paste


Lesson 3:

Unzipping Folders, Creating Folder


Lesson 4:

Dragging and Dropping

SECTION 1: Tools You Will Need

Lesson 5:

Getting Your Domain


Lesson 6:

Getting Your Hosting Account


Lesson 7:

Getting Your Autoresponder


Lesson 8:

Tools I Use

SECTION 2: Email Marketing Basics

Lesson 9:

Balancing Promotional Emails And Free Content


Lesson 10:

How Often Should You Email your List


Lesson 11:

How I Write Copy For Any Product In Just 5 Miinutes


Lesson 12:

How To Tell A Story In Your Emails


Lesson 13:

Track Your Click-Through And Open Rates


Lesson 14:

How To Write A Call-To-Action In Your Email


Lesson 15:

Double Opt-In Or Single Opt-In?


Lesson 16:

First Name Or Just Email When They Opt-In?


Lesson 17:

Text VS HTML Emails


Lesson 18:

The Best Time To Send Out Your Email

SECTION 3: Wordpress Blog Basics

Lesson 19:

Wordpress 4 Basics


Lesson 20:

2 Ways To Install Wordpress Easily


Lesson 21:

Install Wordpress From Their Site


Lesson 22:

The Wordpress Dashboard


Lesson 23:

How To Configure Wordpress Quickly


Lesson 24:

What Are Plugins?


Lesson 25:

Adding Pages And Posts..


Lesson 26:

Setting Up Categories And Tags


Lesson 27:

Adding Pictures And Videos


Lesson 28:

Changing The Look With Themes


Lesson 29:

Using Widgets..

Mentoring for Marketers Level1

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